Zuckerberg Acknowledges “Meta” Glasses

Zuckerberg Acknowledges “Meta” Glasses Can Secretly Take Pictures Of Individuals

The former comedian and present host Joe Rogan challenged Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg if new Meta smart glasses pose a privacy issue while hosting his own podcast The Joe Rogan Experience (The Joe Rogan Experience).Zuckerberg who appeared on the podcast for a three-hour interview, said he was in favor of the glasses, though he acknowledged it could be possible to record people wearing glasses in secret, Business Insider said .

These smart glasses created by Meta for the first time in collaboration with the well-known Ray-Ban Company, was launched in September 2021.

The glasses come with a an incredibly small, voice-activated camera and microphones on both sides the glasses’ frames which let users make videos or pictures.

Zuckerberg has told Rogan about the fact that his firm “continues to work on new versions” of the glasses.

In the exchange, Rogan challenged Meta CEO to consider whether camera hidden in the dark could trigger privacy issues, like; “If only people could start photographing things and people without them knowing.”

Zuckerberg stated that the product has an LED in the corner which flashes when you record videos or photos. He said, “I think that’s a really important part.”

Then, Rogan replied by asking to see if someone could put the duct tape on top of the source of light so that it wouldn’t draw the attention of the victim that she was being observed.

Zuckerberg acknowledged the logic behind this possibility, saying “I think, in theory yes.”

In regards to the flashing light in Smart Glasses, Zuckerberg declared, “It’s blinking, which is a very active indicator,” and he said the use of adhesive tape might interfere with the camera on the glasses.

Meta who is the owner of Facebook and Instagram isn’t away from accusations of violating its customers privacy.

The company was recently hit with the wrath of its users after it sent messages on Facebook that were private to law enforcement officers investigating illegal abortions

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