Bachelor of Hospitality Management

Bachelor of Hospitality Management

Introduction The Master of Business in Hospitality Management at Schellhammer Business School is a special program that is focused on the research of the hospitality industry in general with a particular focus on management. The multidisciplinary program that includes food and beverages as well as services and hospitality, food rooms department, tourism and hospitality offer … Read more

Bachelor of Finance- All You Need to Know

Bachelor of Finance

Introduction It is the Bachelor of Science in Finance degree program at Schellhammer Business School, which is designed for people who have an interest not just in finance, but also in the major factors that impact the finance industry. The ever-changing world of global banking and finance is not an isolated entity and is interconnected … Read more

Helping Students To Be Successful

Helping Students

Helping Students to be Successful- The Impact of data on the Undergraduate Experience Numerous colleges and schools depend on applications and investigations to attract students and push them towards education and a career approach. The COVID-19 outbreak has brought about an imperative need for exams as a tool for colleges to assist students from the … Read more

Business Administration in Process and Project Management

Business Administration

Business Administration in Process and Project Management   Program portrayal: In spite of their size, little and medium-sized undertakings are a complicated arrangement of cycles and tasks, the administration of which requires an elevated degree of preparing. Cycle and venture the board experts might be popular in growing little and medium-sized organizations, particularly in dynamic … Read more